Laina Eskin’s Story

My Story

My health and wellness journey has provided me with countless opportunities to learn and grow and has formed the foundation for the work that we do today at Align Vail. As far back as I can remember, I never felt healthy and vibrant in my body. My experience as a child was numerous, frequent colds and infections and debilitating allergies. I recall countless visits to the doctor and taking lots of antibiotics and over the counter medications to get over whatever ailment was showing up at the time. I was raised on the standard American diet (or I guess standard Canadian diet because I grew up in Canada) which included a lot of processed food, refined carbohydrates and sugar.

In my teens, I developed knee and low back issues which took me out of the school of performing arts that I attended as a dance major. After I stopped dancing and began dealing with the pain in my body, I gained a lot of weight and I developed deep discomfort and shame about my body. This was accompanied by the gift of being a teenager which included puberty, crazy hormones and extremely horribly painful periods.


The pattern of sickness, injuries, poor immunity, hormonal issues, weight gain and discomfort in my body continued for many years resulting in a vicious downward spiral in my physical and emotional well-being. I was always searching for the perfect exercise and diet that was going to fix me. This search led me to discover Applied Functional Science and Movement Therapy which helped me get to the of root of the physical pain in my body and begin to heal the countless injuries that prevented me from doing the things that I loved to do.

I also began to work with Functional Medicine doctors that taught me about the importance of the nutrients that I was feeding my body. I became aware of various foods that I was eating that I was allergic to such as: gluten, soy, dairy and low quality oils that were contributing to inflammation in my body in a serious way. As I changed my eating habits, not only did many of the pains in my body continue to improve, I witnessed other improvements in my skin, hair, sleep quality and emotional well-being as well.


The final piece that I addressed was my mental and emotional way of being. I suffered from a lot of anxiety, overwhelm and the effects of poorly managed stress. I discovered meditation training through Joey Klein and Conscious Transformation where I began to learn powerful tools to shift my emotional state and consequently was able to manage my stress and feel a greater sense of ease, calm and joy in my life. Research is now showing that our emotional state has an effect over our bodies’ ability to heal. This piece for me empowered me with a new way of being in my body that has created a sense of freedom and vitality beyond what I have ever known was possible for myself. It is now my vision to share these tools with others so that they can create well-being for themselves and achieve whatever they dream of creating.

Trainings & Certifications

Licensed Physical Therapist

Laina graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2000 with a honors degree in Physiotherapy.


Certified Conscious Transformation Trainer

Laina is a Trainer and certified Energy Practitioner for Joey Klein’s Conscious Transformation. She began her journey with Conscious Transformation in 2012 and this work has taught her how to live with a sense of joy, peace, purpose and fulfillment. Laina is committed to merging the work of Conscious Transformation with the world of health and healing, allowing her to support others in creating meaningful transformation in their lives. She offers group classes and one on one mentoring sessions in this modality.


Fellow of Applied Functional Science (AFS)

Laina is a Fellow in AFS, based on the work of renowned physical therapist, Gary Gray. The GIFT (Gray Institute of Functional Transformation) program is founded on integrating movement to overcome injury and achieve enhanced function. This methodology employs a WHOLE body approach and leads to the prevention of future injuries which allows for optimal performance.


Certified Pilates & Fitness Instructor

Laina takes Pilates and Fitness Training to the next level as she utilizes her skills in AFS to design programs, incorporating functional movement therapy to achieve desired results based on each client’s specific needs.   Laina has been involved in the fitness industry for over 12 years; teaching fitness & Pilates classes and leading a variety of workshops for fitness professionals on Pilates, prenatal exercise and rehabilitation.


Dry Needling/Medical Acupuncture
Laina completed her certification in Dry Needling in Melbourne Australia in 2000 with Dr. Peter Brukner, world renowned sports physician. Subsequently, she has continued her education in Medical Acupuncture with Dr. Yun Tao Ma in Boulder Colorado 2009-2010.


Women’s Health
Pre/Post Natal & Pelvic Floor Laina has always had a deep passion for working in the field of Women’s Health and Fitness. Her post graduate certification in Women’s Health led her to develop PreggiPower, a fitness program for pre & post natal women, in 2004. She is also certified in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation to help clients with pelvic pain, incontinence and exercise prescription.

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