Our Team

Meet Our Team

Laina Eskin

Physical Therapist, Owner

The team at Align Vail is led by owner Laina Eskin, Physical Therapist. Laina specializes in Corrective Movement Therapy, a method that evaluates the whole body in order to restore optimal and efficient movement. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Laina moved to Colorado after graduating in Physical Therapy from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Laina has been involved in the health and wellness industry since 1995.  She has presented internationally and has developed a series of movement based educational workshops for fitness and wellness practitioners.  She strives to empower those she works with through an integrated approach which allows her clients to optimize their performance, prevent injury and achieve their highest goals.


Laina is also a Trainer and certified Energy Practitioner for Joey Klein’s Conscious Transformation. She began her journey with Conscious Transformation in 2012 and this work has taught her how to live with a sense of joy, peace, purpose and fulfillment.  These practices have supported her in creating incredible changes in all areas of her life; most meaningfully with her health, where she experienced significant discomfort and disease.  She now lives with vibrancy and freedom in her body that is beyond what she knew was possible.   She is passionate and devoted to sharing this work with others who seek to create meaningful transformation in their lives.


Laina is committed to merging the work of Conscious Transformation with the world of health and healing.  This unique blend allows her to support others in creating strength, confidence and vitality in their health and well-being.

Ann Evans

Movement Therapist

Ann Evans has been working at Align Vail since November of 2016 as a Corrective Movement Therapist. She teaches both private and group sessions assisting clients with basic stretches to mobilize the joints from toe to head. Additionally, she supports clients to learn both basic and more advanced functional movement strengthening exercises. Watching individuals move out of pain and into freedom in their bodies is what Ann most loves about her job. Her background as a Pilates instructor enables her to come to this position with a love for movement and an in-depth understanding of physiology, anatomy, teaching movement sequences and articulating execution of many kinds of movement. Ann came to work here after being inspired by her own experience as a client of Laina’s. Ann came to see her with chronic knee and hip pain and was amazed at the difference she felt after one session!


Additionally, Ann has a background as a Clinical Psychologist and had a private practice until 1998 when she left that practice to raise her 3 children. Ann was very inspired by the Align Vail model of the “Trilogy of Health”, particularly including mental/emotional factors as vital to creating well-being. Ann was inspired by Laina’s personal growth through the Conscious Transformation system. She has now been participating in these practices for over 3 years and is a Conscious Transformation Apprentice. She provides 1:1 meditation training at Align Vail for our clients. She has seen firsthand how learning skills to still the mind and handle the emotions affects the physical body. In addition, Ann is certified as a Level Two Energy Practitioner through Conscious Transformation and provides individual Energy sessions that assist our clients to center and heal the mind, emotions, physical body and spiritual self.


Ann has lived in the Vail Valley for 23 years. In her spare time she loves to travel, hike, ski, golf, read and meditate. She has 3 grown children that continuously inspire her. She loves to cook and entertain and enjoy the arts and culture here in the Vail Valley.

Meg Rule

Office Manager

Meg performs multiple rolls to maintain the “flow” of Align Vail. She dedicates her time and energy to scheduling appointments, returning phone calls/emails, ordering supplies and maintaining the studio. With her personable people skills, she promotes the communication between the Align Vail staff members and clients.



Meet Laina Eskin