Glow: Three Entrepreneurs

Ironically, studying physical therapy wasn’t good for Laina Eskin’s body. A student in Australia, Eskin had a herniated disc. All of the static studying that was required of her, in addition to not stretching or moving well, meant that she was living with pain.

“I had a combination of physical issues,” she says. “When I took the information and techniques I was learning in physical therapy school for how to heal my back, it didn’t really work.

After graduating, she began searching for an effective whole-body-healing approach.

Eskin discovered a corrective movement therapy from Gary Gray out of Michigan. His methodology is called chain reaction biomechanics, and it focuses on muscles and joints from the perspective of how they influence a movement system as a whole – or the “chain.”

“For a long time people were just treating my back,” Eskin says, “but not treating the rest of the chain. As we began to work and peel away the rest of the chain, my back got tremendously better.”

In 2012, Eskin created Align Vail, a physical therapy clinic in Edwards, where she’s able to apply all she learned in her own journey for the benefit of others.

Her work analyzes the whole body as it moves, and then teaches the body how to do basic functional movements – bending, lifting, squatting, reaching, pushing, pulling – in a way that is efficient and sustainable.

Eskin also works with movement specialist Anne Evans at Align Vail to help clients. The team now incorporates nutrition resources, as well as meditation, for clients looking to get what Eskin and Evans consider to be the “trilogy of health,” including biomechanics and how a body moves in alignment, internal health and how the body manages inflammation, and mental-emotional health to develop a vision of what optimal health and well being looks and feels like.

“When I was able to create more consistency in my own health and well being, I started to attract people who were that way,” says Eskin. “So my whole client base shifted as I shifted internally.”

Eskin says she wants to help people realize that they can access transformation.

“I am so excited and passionate about sharing what we do with as many people as possible,” she says.