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When I first came into Align Vail I was struggling with chronic and severe pain in both hips. I am a young, healthy, and active person that loves to run, backpack, and basically do anything active, but by Christmas 2015 I could hardly even walk. When I came to Align Vail I had been to all the doctors, had MRIs, Xrays, and cortisone shots. No one could tell me what was going on and by the time I got to Align I was very discouraged and feeling like I was going crazy because “nothing was showing up”.


I have been going to Align every Tuesday for 6 months and now at the end of my time I am pain free, can run, hike, walk, and all around feel like a much healthier person. At the end of my 6 months I am leaving Align being able to do activities I wasn’t sure I would be able to do again and I am also leaving as a much healthier person emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well.


The Align Vail approach is different than other approaches I have worked with because not only do these women excel in treating physical symptoms but they also care about who you are as a whole person. Not only are they looking at what’s going on with your body physically but they also care about the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of well-being and how that affects your physical body. Align Vail is different because they can look at physical problems through a new lens and find solutions to help you be a more holistically healthy person in every area of your life.


I love Align Vail but more importantly I love the women that work there and feel very thankful to have had these women journey and walk with me through a very difficult time in my life. I am thankful for the ways that they loved on me, believed in me, and worked for my health along side of me.


Cailee C
Nurse & Outdoor Adventure Guide

When I started coming to Align Vail 18 months ago I was in almost constant pain through my back an hips and I was very frustrated with my experience with other medical professionals.  The injections, medications and therapy were only treating the symptoms and not the causes of my pain.  Align Vail is different from any other doctor or therapist I have seen.  By actively listening to me and observing the way my body moves Laina and her staff were able to tailor a regime of stretching, exercise and soft tissue work that addresses the cause of my pain rather than just the symptoms.  I am so happy to have back the energy and enthusiasm to go out and do the things I have missed for so long.  Thank you Align Vail, you guys are the best!


Todd Oppenheimer
Capital Project Manager/Landscape Architect

Department of Public Works

Conscious Transformation mentoring work has allowed me to be more present, realize how truly great things are and given me access to a life that I was not aware was possible. I now have access to a life filled with love, peace and happiness. It has given me more power than I realized I could posses.


Alex B

When I first came to Align Vail, I had issues with my shoulder and neck, which included a tear in my rotator cuff as well as stiffness and numbness on my left side stemming from my neck all the way to my fingers. I also had major anxiety and stress that I was dealing with on a daily basis.


To say that Laina Eskin has helped me is a incredible understatement. Laina not only helped me with the physical ailments and helping me with my pain as well as limited motion and movement, but she has also helped me with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well as the physical part of getting back on track and even more so really improving in all areas which has brought me to a place I never thought I would be since the moment I stepped into Align Vail.


There is simply no other place like Align Vail, And the Align Vail approach as mentioned above not only tries to address just the physical body and pain or whatever physical issues one may have, but they really do an incredible job trying to see what is going on and help deal with all areas. All of which absolutely contributes to either having problems and issues, and or vice versa becoming problem free of any pain or suffering or ailments. Align Vail is the perfect name as it really suits what they do and fits in with them aligning people completely and as a whole, and aligned me to happiness.


Danny M
Professional Musician, Philadelphia Orchestra

My work with Laina and Conscious Transformation has changed my life in inexplicable ways. Most importantly, I now have the use of remarkable tools that empower me to think and feel differently creating a successful and joyful life.


Ruth B
Mother of 4 and Attorney

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